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B the capacity of a ligand to bind to a receptor is

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b) The capacity of a ligand to bind to a receptor is determined by the charge, shape and size of both the ligand and the receptor. c) The intensity of the effect of the binding of a ligand to a receptor depends upon the percent of total receptor occupied by the ligand. d) All of the above. 5. Activation of which of the following kinases is dependent upon intracellular cAMP levels? a) protein kinase A (PKA) b) protein kinase C (PKC) c) mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) d) calcium-calmodulin kinase II (CAMK II) Open-ended Questions. Good answers should be concise and logically organized. Answers should be written on each page under the appropriate question and can continue to the back if necessary. Answers can be in point form or can be illustrated but the information MUST be complete in order to receive full marks. Use the number of points awarded for each question as a guide for the number of steps involved. You have a full page to answer each question below but should you need more space, please use the back of the page but INDICATE so (or else a portion of your answer may be missed).
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