PART II Putting It All Together A Review Questions Answer the following

Part ii putting it all together a review questions

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PART II. Putting It All Together A. Review Questions Answer the following questions using your lecture notes, your textbook, and your lab notes. 1. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false. If the statement is false, correct it so that it is true. a. The small intestine is dorsalto the kidneys. b. The trachea is lateralto the lungs c. The urinary bladder is superiorto the uterus. d. The brain is inferiorto the skull. 2. Assume anatomical position. Is the radius medial or lateral to the ulna? Explain the importance of using anatomical position as a standard reference point. 3. Use as many directional terms as possible to describe the relationship between: b. the acromial region and the mental region. c. the gluteal region and the sternal region. 4. Identify the body cavities entered during each of the following medical procedures. Begin with the largest cavity and end with the most specific body cavity. The answer for the first procedure is provided as an example. 5. Which body plane(s) could provide a view of both:
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