-q5:which of the following is true about martin’s

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Unformatted text preview: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q5:Which of the following is true about Martin’s theory, as that theory is described in the passage?A. It assumes that the Paleoindians were primarily dependent on hunting for survival.B. It denies that the Pleistocene species extinctions were caused by climate change.C. It uses as evidence the fact that humans have produced local extinctions in other situations.D. It attempts to address the controversy over the date of human arrival in North America.E. It admits the possibility that factors other than the arrival of humans played a role in the Pleistocene extinctions.Answer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q6:In the last sentence of the passage, the author refers to “recent archaeological discoveries” (lines 36-37) most probably in order to16A. refute White’s suggestion that neither Maritn nor Krech adequately account for Paleoindians’ contributions to the Pleistocene extinctionsB. cast doubt on the possibility that a more definitive theory regarding the causes of the Pleistocene extinctions may be forthcomingC. suggest that Martin’s, Krech’s, and White’s theories regarding the Pleistocene extinctions are all open to questionD. call attention to the most controversial aspect of all the current theories regarding the Pleistocene extinctionsE. provide support for White’s questioning of both Martin’s and Krech’s positions regarding the role of Paleoindians in the Pleistocene extinctionsAnswer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q7:Which of the following, if true, would most weaken Krech’s objections to Martin’s theory?A. Further studies showing that the climatic change that occurred at the end of the Pleistocene era was even more severe and widespread than was previously believedB. New discoveries indicating that Paleoindians made use of the small animals, plants, and insects that became extinctC. Additional evidence indicating that widespread climatic change occurred not only at the end of the Pleistocene era but also in previous and subsequent erasD. Researchers’ discoveries that many more species became extinct in North America at the end of the Pleistocene era than was previously believedE. New discoveries establishing that both the arrival of humans in North America and the wave of Pleistocene extinctions took place much earlier than 11,000 years agoAnswer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q8:Community activist: If Morganville wants to keep its central shopping district healthy, it should prevent the opening of a huge SaveAll discount department store on the outskirts of Morganville. Records from other small towns show that whenever SaveAll has opened a store outside the central shopping district of a small town, within five years the town has experienced the bankruptcies of more than a quarter of the stores in the...
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-Q5:Which of the following is true about Martin’s theory...

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