Dermatome used to cut thin slices of skin for grafting Dermatoplasty surgical

Dermatome used to cut thin slices of skin for

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Dermatome: used to cut thin slices of skin for grafting. Dermatoplasty: surgical procedure of the skin. Emoliient: chemical agent that softens or smooths the skin. Retinoids: used to manage some acne because they cause the upper layers of the epidermis to slough away. Ultraviolet light therapy: can treat acne, causes similar effect as a retinoid. Rhytidectomy: plastic surgery in which skin wrinkles are surgically removed. Plastic Surgery: popular form of skin treatment used for skin repair following a major injury, correction of a congenital defect, or cosmetic improvement. Rhytidoplasty: surgical repair of skin wrinkles. Liposuction: removal of subcutaneous far by vacuum device. Prefixes: - a- without or absence of - ab- away from - ad- toward - ambi- both - ana- up, toward - an- without or absence of - ante- before, to come before - anti- against, opposite - bi- two - brady- slow - cricum- around - dia- through - di- double - dipl- double - dis- apart or away
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Exam #1 Notes Hannah Huffman - dys- bad, abnormal, painful, or difficult - ec- outside or out - ecto- outside or out - endo- within - ep- upon, over, above, or on top - epi- upon, over, above, on top - eso- inward - eu- normal or good - ex- outside or away from - exo- outside or away from - extra- outside - hemi- half - heter- different - hetero- different - hyper- excessive, abnormally high, above - hypo- deficient, below, or abnormally low - infer- below - inter- between - intra- within - macro- large - mal- bad - mega- large or great - megalo- large or great - micro- small - mono- one - multi- many, more than once, or numerous - neo- new - nulli- none - pan- all - par- alongside or abnormal - para- alongside or abnormal - peri- around - poly- excessive, over, many - post- to follow after - pre- to come before, before - primi- first - pseudo- false - quadri- four - semi- half or partial - sub- below - super- above - supra- above - sym- together or joined - syn- together or joined - tachy- rapid, fast - tetra- four - trans- through, across, or beyond - tri- three
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Exam #1 Notes Hannah Huffman - ultra- beyond normal - uni- one Suffixes: - -ac: pertaining to - -ad: toward - -al: pertaining to - -algia: condition of pain - -ar: pertaining to - -ary: pertaining to - -asthenia: weakness - -atresia: a closure or absence of a normal body opening - -cele: hernia, swelling, or protrusion - -centesis: surgical puncture - -clasia: to break apart - -clasis: to break apart - -clast: to break apart - -desis: surgical fixation or fusion - -dynia: pain - -drome: run or running - -ectomy: surgical excision/removal - -emia: condition of blood - -emesis: vomiting - -gnosis: knowledge - -gram: a record or image - -graph: an instrument for recording - -graphy: recording process - -hemia: condition of the blood - -ia: condition of - -iatry: treatment, specialty - -ic: pertaining to - -ion: process - -ior: pertaining to - -ism: condition or disease - -itis: inflammation - -logist: one who studies - -logy: study or science of - -lysis: too loosen or dissolve - -malacia: softening - -meter: measure or measuring instrument - -metry: measurement, process of measuring - -oma: tumor - -opsy: view of - -osis: condition of - -ous: pertaining to - -oxia: condition of oxygen - -pathy: disease
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Exam #1 Notes Hannah Huffman - -penia: deficiency or abnormal reduction in number - -pexy: surgical fixation, suspension - -phagia: eating or swallowing - -phasia: speaking - -phil: loving, affinity for - -philia: loving, affinity for - -phobia: fear - -phylaxis: protection - -physis: growth - -plasia: formation, growth - -plasty: surgical repair - -plegia: paralysis - -practic: a practice - -rhea: discharge - -rrhapy: suturing - -rrhagia: abnormal discharge - -rrhexis: rupture - -sclerosis: condition of hardening - -scope: instrument used for viewing - -scopy: process of viewing -
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