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Predictive Policing

Responsibility of the police agencies to read the

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responsibility of the police agencies to read the patterns in crime that the program is giving back and to act upon the information presented. Police departments that are using CompStat are confident that the results are accurate in helping to maintain orderly conduct in the community. When police departments use such technology as CompStat they are able to be in the area before the crime takes place. Traditionlly when a crime takes place there is first a phone call then the police drive to the location. Once police have arrived at the location they have to gather datat from witnesses, victims, and have to capture the offender. In some cases further investigation is required. With CompStat the response time could be reduced from minutes to seconds, a call to the authorities may not even be necessary. Also authorities may also be able to witness some crimes. Therefor investigation and follow ups with other parties involved may not be necessary. According to a crime analyst in Kileen ,Texas, “it’s cheaper to prevent a crime than to solve a crime. .” (Goode, 2011). Police having faster response times would give the department oand the community a new outlook on how crime is handled. Faster response times will give the community more confidence in the police department. Through CompStat police departments will be held accountable for their response times and how they chose to take heed to the crime warnings that the software gave them. When implementing predicutive policing several issues come forth. One being that the government must be sure that peoples civil rights are not being jeopardized. Authorites must still have a probable cause for arresting an offender. Predictive policing and CompStat helps to confirm or justify the probable cause but should not be the source of the probale cause. Another
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Predictive Policing 5 challenge is bringing all the data together. The data that is colleceted must be relevant and accurate so that the system can produce the best results possible. Lastly, Community Envolvement is another concern for law enforcement agencies. The community has a right to know what new measures police dpartments are taking to keep the community safe. It is the hope of the police department that the community would feel that this is a good way of doing so. Police agencies should not want any community to feel targeted because fo the demographics of
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responsibility of the police agencies to read the patterns...

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