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When a juvenile is taken into custody for a status

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When a juvenile is taken into custody for a status offense, the officer is acting in “loco parentis” means “in place of the parent”, not to punish but to protect the youth from harmful behavior c.i. Status Crime- underage drinking and truancy 80. Parens Patriae – Latin for “The State as Parent” - the state has a duty to care for children who are neglected or delinquent and assume role of parent if necessary 81. Cybercrime Division – introduced in 2001, to deal with the menace of intellectual property, high-tech and computer crime 82. Criminal Investigative Division – CID – within the FBI – is responsible for organized crime, violent crime, racketeering, and money laundering 83. CIA – formed in 1947 by President Truman, manages, coordinates and analyzes the country’s intelligence activities that affect national security, CIA is limited to reporting intelligence, leaving policy decisions to senior government officials a. Laid out in the National Security Act b. Divided into 3 Directorates b.i. Directorate of Intelligence - analyze b.ii. Directorate of Operations – collect clandestine intelligence, including human source intelligence b.iii. Directorate of Science and Technology – apply science and technology to serious intelligence problems c. Divided into 5 Mission Support Offices (MSOs) c.i. Manage Information Security c.ii. Communications c.iii. Logistics c.iv. Training c.v. Financial management c.v.1. Protection of Agency Personnel and facilities around the world c.v.2. Medical services, human resources, records management and declassification d. CIA is independent agency accountable to the President and public via the intelligence oversight committees of the US Congress e. CIA’ s main task is to present intelligence reports such as the President’s Daily Brief (PD) f. CIA engages in covert operations sanctioned by the President as part of role in ensuring national security 84. DCI – Director of Central Intelligence – head of CIA a. Key advisor to the President and National Security council on intelligence 85. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) – agency that enforces laws relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives and arson a. Since January 24, 2003 – located within The Department of Justice b. ATF – previously within the Department of Treasury 86. US Customs and Border Protection – responsibilities are to ensure imports and exports comply with US laws, protection of the US border a. Is part of Department of Homeland Security 87. US Secret Service – USSS – has two roles a. Protection – protects the President, Vice President, their families and residences, foreign buildings, heads of state and other named individuals b. Part of Department of Homeland Security c. Criminal Investigation 88. Patrol – is the core of police work, a. Know why police work is hard on families, missed holiday, rotating shift work, low wages…. I said shift ?? b.
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When a juvenile is taken into custody for a status offense...

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