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There are many reasons why i chose mr menke as my

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There are many reasons why I chose Mr. Menke as my candidate however I do have a few primary reasons. For one I already knew him. His store is in my home stores district so I have dealt with him many times. He is part of my ever growing business network. I also picked him because of the 7 store managers I considered to do the interview, he was the only one with a college degree. Some of the questions I asked myself when preparing for the interview were, should I record it? Will he let me record it? How much time should I ask him to allocate for the interview? Should I offer to trade unpaid work time for his interview time if he says he is too busy to do it? What are some dates and times that I have available that I can suggest to him as optional times? Mr. Menkes position relates to my career because his position is the next step along my career path. I am currently completing training certifications as I seek a store manager position with CVS. I prepared for the interview by dressing professionally in business attire. I also added the interview on my calendar and on my top priority list for the day. I contemplated what question I would ask him in order to
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answer question number 11 on the assignment. Finally I printed out the assignment, fastened it to a clip board and awaited the interview. What did you learn from the interview experience and how will you apply the  information as you continue planning and preparing for your own career goals  ( minimum  ten  complete sentences ) ? What elements of the interview were most beneficial to you and why? How will you use information from the interview experience as you continue to  plan and prepare for your career? How will you begin building your professional network now and as you advance  through your degree? Why might it be valuable for you conduct similar informational interviews in the  future?    The elements of the interview that were most beneficial to me were the parts about time management and prioritization. They were the most important to me because they seem to be where the rubber hits the road so to speak. Without them, we go nowhere quickly. I’ll continue to use this information as I prepare for this phase in my career by continuing to work on my time management skills. I will continue to work on and research new ideas on how to be more effective with my time. I have already begun to build my professional network and I will continue to do so, on a daily basis. At this point, thanks to my project job, I currently know more than 40 different store managers, 2 loss prevention managers and 2 district managers. More importantly, they all know me and are willing to teach me anything I want to know. It might be valuable for me to conduct similar informational interviews in the future because everyone sees things differently. Someone else may have a totally different opinion on their likes and dislikes which could open my eyes to a part of the job I hadn’t known or thought of yet. Interviewing
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someone else also lets that person know my management intentions. This may lead to a job along the way should they recommend me.
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There are many reasons why I chose Mr Menke as my candidate...

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