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From rich estates of major temples creating a

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from rich estates of major temples creating a stronger bond and keeping within the traditions for their own culture for warfare. All three armies which fought were understood to have the fighting force numbered in the tens of thousands. Melville concludes with the thoughts that Sin-shar- ishkun’s failed to defend their heartland and was continuously on the offense for this was the way for war as the Assyrian’s culture. 2. Analyze how our reading from Eksteins this week contributes to our examination of war and culture in this course. The ballet “Rites of Spring” is said by Eksteins to be as momentous as the First World War, “A milestone in the history of culture.” (Ekstein, 1989) It provoked and demolished the established ideas of beauty and art. The eroticism presented in it represents the rebellion of the established order that Germany presents prior to WWI. Eksteins sees the ballet as destructive (truly revolutionary for any ballet to be steeped in chaos), and it brings civilization into question. Eksteins believes that Germany was the modernist country prior to World War I, and that because of the war, despite their lost, the theory of knowledge for Germany spread to the rest of the world creating the modern world we live in. The validity of Germany was said to have was one seeking unrestraint, self-analysis, and renewal in the arts to breach into life as art, escape from absolute truths. Germany placed more emphasis on these ideals more than any other nation of the time. These ideals, which led to a rebellious attitude from foreign ideals, were instigated by their spirituality. Melville, S. (2011). The Assyrian way of war and the collapse of the empire. New York and London: New York University Press. Lee, W. (2011). Warfare and culture in world history. New York and London: New York University Press. Eksteins, M. (1989). Rites of spring. New York, NY: First Mariner Books Edition.
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