The intention is for this step by step approach to be

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The intention is for this step-by-step approach to be helpful but not too prescriptive. Indeed, there is reason to believe that methods which compel problem solving can be over-rigid as well as rigorous. They are often “trapped” in a mechanistic, rationalistic way of thinking. The history of scientific discovery abounds with anecdotal evidence of the great inventions and discoveries that were made on a flight of the imagination.
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48 5. Administrative requirements for assignments Please note the following with regard to the submission of assignments: (a) The first assignment for this module comprises 20 multiple-choice questions . Different assignments are set for semester 1 and 2. You are required to use one of the official Unisa mark-reading sheets provided upon registration when submitting this assignment. Alternatively you may submit the assignment via my Unisa. Read the instructions on how to use and complete mark reading sheets in the Your service guide @ Unisa brochure. Remember to indicate the unique number for the particular assignment on the mark reading sheet. (b) When submitting the second assignment: typed (1½ spacing) assignments would be appreciated, but it is not essential. Please allow for a sufficient right-hand margin in your assignments for comments from the lecturers . (c) Please adhere strictly to the prescribed length of 10–12 pages per assignment unless otherwise indicated. The purpose of limiting the length of assignments is to compel you to include only the main facts in your answer. Additional pages are allowed for the bibliography and illustrations, if necessary. (d) No extension of time will be granted for submitting assignments. The due dates have been set in compliance with the academic planning dates for the University and allow sufficient time for the preparation and technical completion of assignments. It is your responsibility to ensure that the assignment reaches Unisa in Pretoria on or before the due date. The prescribed due date of an assignment is the date on which it must reach the University in Pretoria. To ensure that an assignment reaches Pretoria before its due date, it should be posted in the assignment boxes at the regional facilities at least two working days (48 hours) before the due date. (e) You do not have to complete an assignment cover when submitting assignment 01 (multiple-choice questions). Merely complete and submit the mark reading sheet. Ensure that you include all the relevant details on the mark reading sheet. Refer to the Your service guide @ Unisa brochure for more information. When submitting assignment 02 , use the cover that has been specially provided. The following information must be furnished clearly and correctly on the cover: your name and postal address course/module/paper/study unit code: MNH306K tuition period/semester code: 01 or 02 assignment number: 02 your student number Any mistake on the cover page will inevitably cause a delay.