As a future Life Sciences teacher LScT you should in the first instance have

As a future life sciences teacher lsct you should in

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As a future Life Sciences teacher (LScT) you should in the first instance have insight into the relevant theory regarding the classification of animals / organisms and secondly you must be able to teach it in an effective ways to the learners. 1.2 CLASSIFICATION OF HETEROTROPHIC ORGANISMS Study attentively and answer the questions that follow. 1.2.1 Name, discuss and compare the different classification systems of life on earth. 1.2.1 Evaluate the various theories about the origin of life on earth. 1.2.3 Distinguish between the following terms with suitable examples: systematics, taxonomy, classification, phylogeny, species, taxon. 1.2.4 Use the different taxa to classify Amoeba proteus . 1.2.5 Discuss the different characteristics that may be used to classify organisms. 1.2.6 What do you understand by the binominal nomenclature and explain the implications it holds for you as Life Scientist.
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