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Beyond expectations successful organization eg

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beyond expectations → successful organization (e.g. helping others, volunteering for extra job activities, showing care for organizational property, respecting spirit & regulations…) Putting People First - organizations that spend more time developing or recognizing the value of employees → committed workforce - ppl work harder when they feel they have “more control and say” (BUT this becomes a challenge for businesses that focus solely on bottom line) Global Competition - growing competition from global marketplace → to survive, had to reduce costs, inc. productivity, improve quality → companies merging & employers outsource jobs to other countries e.g. Dell Canada’s technical service lines are handled by technicians in India → to stay employable, employees need to update their knowledge, skills to meet new job requirements & new ways of doing business
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P ART 1: U NDERSTANDING THE W ORKPLACE - today’s organizations need to live w/ flexibility, spontaneity, uncertainty, unpredictability Managing & Working in Multicultural World - Internet & NAFTA & EU reduced tariffs on trade → companies are more globally connected (e.g. int’l sales) → world is now “global village” e.g. traveling to other countries to work; companies develop joint ventures w/ foreign partners (global alliances); setting up plants in foreign countries - managers & employees must be capable of working w/ ppl from diff. cultures (be sensitive to cultural differences) OB: MAKING SENSE OF BEHAVIOUR IN ORGANIZATIONS - emerged as a distinct field in 1940s - is an applied behavioural science built upon contributions from many disciplines: Psychology - mainly contributes to individual level = seeks to measure, explain, change behaviour of humans&other animals contribution: learning, perception, personality, emotions, leadership effectiveness, decision-making, work stress, job dissatisfaction, motivational forces & problems of fatigue,
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