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In addition by making the fairy tale into a movie he

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Unformatted text preview: In addition, by making the fairy tale into a movie, he greatly widens the audience to which it is available. His movie is easily understood by children and adults and the film is easily accessible to many people. He took this movie and made it about himself and by doing this, he made it very American. The commoner is overthrowing the monarchy and using new technology to do so. Years later, he did the same thing to Snow White. He took the Grimm's fairytale and made it into something very American to reflect his own values. The Prince is one of the most important things he changed. The Prince appears very early in the movie and expresses his love for Snow White. He, also, is the only thing that can wake her up. He dictates the entire movie. Disney is subtly saying that women cannot control their own lives. The men have to do that for them. The only reason the dwarfs even let her stay is because she promises to cook and clean for them. The Prince is also very much representing Disney himself. He is there at the beginning to introduce himself, and then does not show up again until the end where he swoops in and takes credit for everything, despite the fact that the dwarfs have done all the hard work. Disney takes the fairytales and makes them something all his own. They reflect his own personal beliefs and seriously deviate from the Grimm's versions. By doing this, he also made them more accessible for an American audience, which is pretty much exactly what the Grimm's did when they collected their fairytales in the first place....
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