Specific learning objectives for each chapter in the prescribed book for

Specific learning objectives for each chapter in the

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define relevant programming concepts. Specific learning objectives for each chapter in the prescribed book for COS1512 are given in more detail in the study guide which is available on myUnisa under learning units. 3 LECTURER AND CONTACT DETAILS 3.1 Lecturer If you experience problems with this subject or have any other enquiry about it, please feel free to contact the lecturers. The names and telephone numbers of your lecturers for this module, as well as the module e-mail address you can use for any queries regarding this module, are supplied in tutorial letter COSALLF/301/0/2014. Please remember to specify the academic problem or the content of the module with which you have a problem. If it is programming qeur, please include the programming code. Email: Email is a convenient and the most effective way of communicating with a lecturer. Students registered for the first semester should send e-mail queries to [email protected] Students registered for the second semester should send e-mail queries to [email protected] Do not email the lecturer directly - rather use the module email address, as a specific lecturer may not be available. Using the module email ensures someone will read it. Include the module code and your student number in the subject header of the message. Ask specific questions. It is difficult to respond properly via email to a request such as 'I don't understand problem 5.1. Please explain.' Always state exactly what it is that you do not understand. Phone us: You are welcome to phone us directly, but please consult your tutorial letters and the myUnisa discussion forum to ensure that your query has not already been addressed. We are sometimes unavailable due to other departmental, research or university duties. If you fail to reach us directly, please phone the secretary. In urgent cases you may also leave a message at a secretary for us to call you back. The best contact hours are between 9:00 and 13:00 in the mornings, except Wednesdays when we have our departmental meetings. 3.2 Department The School of Computing can be contacted telephonically at (011) 471 2418. Should you be unable to reach any of the lecturers for COS1512, please leave a message with one of the secretaries, who can be contacted via the number given above. Remember to include the module code and your student number with the message. Please note that the School of Computing will be moving to Florida during the course of 2013 and that contact numbers will change. You will be informed in due course. 3.3 University Lecturers for this module are only responsible for content-related queries about the study material used for COS1512.
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