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Have experience they take it upon themselves to learn

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have experience they take it upon themselves to learn from others in order to properly run the factory. 4. When Freddy lost his job he was very disappointed and sad. He could no longer give his wife and family the lifestyle they had become accustomed to. Before he lost his job his wife enjoyed the luxuries of nice clothes, make up, and other various items in order to make her feel “pretty”, but after he lost his job she no longer had that. His family also no longer enjoyed vacations and at times had to choose between feeding their daughters and paying the bills. I think Freddy cried in the interview because he was embarrassed and upset that he, as the man of the house, could no longer provide for his family. 5. The first workers to take over the factory after the crisis were the women of the Brukman suit factory. After being thrown out of the factory, later in the film, the women protest. They are extremely upset and very determined to get back into the factory. Their behavior is somewhat unconventional for women of Argentina. 6. After the workers take over, they run the factory much differently than the owners did. Payroll is based off of the cost to run the factory and produce the goods and the money they make, it is distributed evenly among all the workers. The assembly made decisions, in the factory, all the workers would vote. They based their factory on being cooperative.
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