College Comp II Unit 2 assignment

Although there are none in my area of the country

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Although there are none in my area of the country, they may be out there. I have to search to find out if there are any, what they are called, what they serve, are they being patronized as much as the other fast food places, etc. My research strategy for finding sources is starting with Google using key words. So far my list of key words consists of healthy fast food, healthy drive thru, overeating fast food, cost of eating fast food, and childhood obesity. I will also search words that compliment my idea such as, fruits that stay fresh the longest, healthy fast drinks and or smoothies. I will search for healthy recipes that are feasible to make in a quick environment. Beyond Google I will also use the Kaplan library. There I have found sources such as articles from the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, and PsycBooks. For a Government site I will use White This website has articles about a government task force against childhood obesity. Another source will be Healthy Kids Healthy My Pitch Everyday millions of Americans run from one place to the next without taking even a minute to catch their breath. Because of this, millions, if not billions, of dollars are wasted each and every year on fast food. These foods make us both fat and unhealthy. This is not only bad for us as adults, it is terrible for our children. They are learning to eat these foods as a way of life rather than an occasional meal. The effect is widespread childhood obesity. What is there was a way to change that? What if there was a place where families could go, eat quickly and STILL be eating healthy. Well there is such a place. It’s called, the Healthy Shack. The Healthy will not serve a single meal or drink that is not god for you. It is based primarily on what are called negative calorie foods. Negative calorie foods are foods that use more calories to digest than their actual caloric value. These foods include mostly fruits and vegetables so you can expect a lot of soups, dips and fruit items on our menu. Every item will be made fresh when ordered and be more than healthy. They will be delicious. With the Healthy Shack, eating on the run is the smart and healthy choice.
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