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A 1 mile b 3 miles c 12 miles d 200 miles answer b 34

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A. 1 mile B. 3 miles C. 12 miles D. 200 miles ANSWER: B 34. How far from the coast are exclusive economic zones located? A. Less than three miles
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B. Between three and twelve miles C. Between twelve and 200 miles D. More than 200 miles ANSWER: C 35. Which of these countries DID NOT claim those portions of the Arctic Ocean between their northern boundaries and the North Pole in 2007? A. Canada B. Denmark C. Norway D. Russia ANSWER: C 36. Geologists have estimated that approximately what percent of the world’s oil and gas reserves are located under the Arctic Ocean? A. 5% B. 15% C. 25% D. 35% ANSWER: C 37. Which of these countries has never established a territorial claim to a part of Antarctica? A. Argentina B. France C. Norway D. United States ANSWER: D 38. Which of these provisions was added to the Antarctic Treaty via the Madrid Protocol in 1991? A. Antarctica could not be exploited for commercial purposes. B. Scientists from all countries could conduct research in Antarctica. C. Antarctica could not be used for military purposes. D. Territorial claims to Antarctica would not be recognized. ANSWER: A 39. Which of these countries leads the world in gemstone diamond production? A. Angola B. Botswana C. Namibia D. South Africa ANSWER: B 40. In 2009, Greenland achieved partial independence from which of these countries? A. Denmark B. Iceland C. Norway D. United Kingdom ANSWER: A 41. Significant Tuareg populations live in all of these countries EXCEPT:
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A. Algeria B. Libya C. Mali D. Sudan ANSWER: D 42. Bolivia contains about half of the world’s known reserves of which mineral? A. Iron B. Lithium C. Platinum D. Uranium ANSWER: B 43. Which of the following has NOT contributed to Bolivia’s poverty despite its large resource base? A. Political corruption B. Political instability C. Lack of transportation D. Lack of investment capital from other countries ANSWER: D 44. The Euphrates River flows through all of the following countries EXCEPT: A. Iraq B. Kuwait C. Syria D. Turkey ANSWER: B 46. Which of these states did Barack Obama carry in 2008 but not in 2012? A. Indiana B. Iowa C. Ohio D. Virginia ANSWER: A 47. In addition to Greece, which country has sent athletes to every Olympic Games since 1896? A. Australia B. Canada C. Switzerland D. United States ANSWER: A 48. Azawad has tried to secede from which country? A. Mali B. Niger C. Nigeria D. Sudan ANSWER: A 49. In which of these countries has rock music been credited with hastening the demise of Communism?
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A. Bulgaria B. Hungary C. Poland D. Yugoslavia ANSWER: A 50. In which of these pairs of states did President Obama’s popular vote percentage drop most between 2008 and 2012? A. Alabama and Mississippi B. New Jersey and New York C. North Carolina and North Dakota D. Utah and West Virginia ANSWER: D
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A 1 mile B 3 miles C 12 miles D 200 miles ANSWER B 34 How...

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