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Even though the women may be in the same factories

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Even though the women may be in the same factories and working conditions as before, but they can make some progress, and it may be seen as an achievement to them. 5. Two aspects of the film that are different than others and show the authority of the women is the fact that they are “dressed up” during interviews and also, that the women share all of the information in the film. Most films on factory workers show the women in their work clothes looking somewhat disheveled, however, in this film we see them in nice clothes with their hair and make-up done. This image of the women gives them a little more of a voice. It is obvious that they do have some type of advantage over women of the other films and they are a little more powerful. People often associate being attractive and “well kept” with being
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important or having meaning, so these women automatically are more easily received by society. Also, in this film, the women are seen as the experts. They share all of the information, rather than having an outside narrator share their stories. I believe this gives the women power because they are able to share an honest account of their lives, there is no middleman to twist their words or the situation. Through narrating and filming their own accounts, the women also indirectly share their education. It becomes obvious that they are organized, intellectual, and capable of communicating clearly.
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