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Cold War Essay Notes

Inside flap the us and the ussr rose to power in

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in, and the Germans down.’” (inside flap) The US and the USSR rose to power in different ways o “…American international leadership after 1945 was because of its economic position, whereas Soviet hegemony was in spite of its economic position.” (3) The aftermath of the Second World was a cause of the Cold War o “…the Cold War…was a series of reactions to the fallout from the Second World War.” (21) Cold War Characteristics (similar to causes??) (24) o Warlike hostility that never actually broke out into a hot war o The use of diplomacy as a form of warfare/militarized thinking o Denial of opponent’s legitimacy as a regime o Bipolar structure of international politics o Intense military building/arms race o Suppression of internal dissidents Midterm Notes about Cold War being Avoidable Unavoidable The ideologies were competitive by nature USA invaded Russia for a short time in support of the White faction (RESEARCH) Common foe of Germany made them allies Confrontation seemed a foregone conclusion? It may be true that without the WWII conflict, the USSR would not feel as threatened and not require the buffer states that formed the Iron Curtain (RESEARCH) Ideological expansion was a natural progression for the USSR With its natural resources, the USSR would have become a superpower anyway The only way it would be avoidable would be if the USSR had avoided the conflict with Germany, which may have resulted in a lack of national cohesion for the USSR but that’s unlikely The rise of two superpowers with conflicting ideologies made the Cold War unavoidable Political differences o Representative Democracy vs. Communism
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Both countries were nuclear armed, and the threat was too intense Both were vying for the #1 Super Power spot Had one or both not been nuclear armed, it would’ve turned out differently Truman Doctrine of Containment o America was committed to not let communism spread America believed in personal freedom and democracy while the Soviet Union believed in the supremacy of the state Both were convinced that the other was forcing their political beliefs on the other/the world Lots of psychological manipulation Tension built up
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