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Project Dollarama

Other matters we are the relationship you can count

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Other Matters 18
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The audit is for the general purpose of assessing the performance of management over the prior fiscal year and not for the purpose of individual investor decisions. As such, no shareholder or investor should make any personal decisions based solely on the audited consolidated financial statements. We have no knowledge of any individual shareholder or investor concerns or intentions. We will, as permitted by the Code of Ethics, provide additional services upon request, in areas such as taxation, leadership and human resource management, communication, marketing, strategic planning, financial management and technology consulting. As part of our services, we may submit to you a memorandum containing suggestions for improvement of existing systems of controls, accounting policies and procedures, and related matters that come to our attention during the course of our work. Our standard terms and conditions, listed below, form part of our mutual understanding of the terms of this engagement. 1. Timely Performance - C&W will use all reasonable efforts to complete, within any agreed-upon time frame, the performance of the services described in the engagement letter to which these Terms and Conditions are attached. However, C&W shall not be liable for failures or delays in performance that arise from causes beyond our control, including the untimely performance by the Company of its obligations as set out in the engagement letter. 2. Right to Terminate Services - The Company may terminate the engagement upon 30 days written notice. If this occurs, the Company shall pay for time and expenses incurred by C&W up to the termination date, together with reasonable time and expenses incurred to bring the services to a close in a prompt and orderly manner. Should the Company not fulfil its obligations as set out herein and in the engagement letter, and in the event that the Company fails to remedy such default within 30 days following receipt of notice from C&W to that effect, C&W may, upon written notification and without prejudice to its other rights and resources, terminate provision of our services as described in the engagement letter. In such case, C&W shall not be responsible for any loss, costs, expenses, or damages resulting from such termination. 3. Change Order - If, subsequent to the date of this engagement letter, the Company requires significant changes to the arrangements set forth in this engagement letter, the Company will be required to agree to the change in scope of the engagement in writing, in a "Change Order" agreement. The "Change Order" agreement will set forth the revised arrangements and scope of services to be performed and any related additional fees associated. 4.
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Other Matters We are the relationship you can count on Chiu...

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