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Shares of comrnon stock of stock dividends is that

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Unformatted text preview: shares of comrnon stock. of stock dividends is that income taxes are deiayed until the stock is sold A< e I 46. dends Payable is ffiically found in the footnotes to the financial statements. True False ". 47 r'j-*4\ shares outstanding ,un n"r*, {*r.ur"l. }n the number of %+-**'*# 210,000 fqtare4 total paid-in capital was @l sts.62o,ooo<* B) $1s,83o,ooo c) s15 410 000 f-olsq.ozo.rioo \_),' Square4 issued A) 640,000 B) lo,ooo c) 3s0,000 D) 360,000 fB\Fso,ooo One advantase /z-\ (a)) rrue B) False The number of common shares issued (a) r** Bf False Divi A) @ 48 Which one of the following is not an ownership right of a stockholder in a corporation? A To vote in the election of directors @) fo declare dividends on the common stock C) To share in assets upon liquidation D) To share in corporate earnings for the major policy decisions of a corporation are the K Thqle most responsible Af stockholders fBf] board ofdirectors. \41 (L)) management. fu employees. r 50. The RMKC Company declared a 3 to 1 stock split when the company had 333,000 shares issued and outstanding. Par value was $18. The Balance Sheet would now reflect Shares Issued & Outstanding A) 333,000 shares B) 333 000 shares ?< ( c) ggq.ooo shares )d; ooo,ooo shares E) 111,000 shares Par value per share $18 $6 $6 $s4 $6 $2,000 i00 200 zoo(Dpe$ vlPt Earnings balance? The following selected amounts are available for Daniel Company 52. Retained earnings (beg'inning) Net loss Cash dividends declared and paid Stock dividends declared and paid What is Daniel's ending Retained A) $2,100. @) $t,zoo 'f5 $1.400. (^D5 st.soo Y st,ooo Purchasing of Treasury Stock would be located A) Operating Activity - noncash item B) Operating Activity - cash item C) Investing Activity (-olr irrun " i n"g Act i v ity \ '/ er{rirr*.4 #d+*-'Yd \ Eg'L#r,\y on the Statement of Cash Flows as an: 53. The GSC Company declared dividends of $50,000 ard puid dYi4e*S of $45,000. Accordinq to GSC'S Statement of Cash Flows the divid6EGffiiTppear as an(a) fiOp.iuting Activity of $45.ooo 16 . tnu"xing Activity of $50,000 ,,6 tnu"sting Activity of $45,000 Dl Financing Activiry of $50,000 @ rin*ncin! Rctivity of $45.ooo 54. Spring Season Corporation began business in 201 1 by issuing 20,000 shares of $5 par common stock for $B per share. At year end, the common stock had a market value of $10 Spring Season would report A gain of $60,000 No recording of change in market value Increase total paid in capital by $60,000 common [email protected] A) Increase by $9,000,O00-p\ Decrease by $s,000,000 (6",,::::,,:#-';,'-1:".','...
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shares of comrnon stock of stock dividends is that income...

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