PROCESS RELATED RISKS Lack of documented requirements andor success criteria No

Process related risks lack of documented requirements

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PROCESS-RELATED RISKS Lack of documented requirements and/or success criteria No change control process (change management) Ineffective schedule planning and/or management Communication breakdown among stakeholders Resources assigned to a higher priority project No business case for the project
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The Project Life Cycle and IT Development Project Life Cycle (PLC) A collection of logical stages or phases that maps the life of a project from its beginning to its end in order to define, build, and deliver the product of the project i.e., the information system Projects are divided into phases to increase manageability and reduce risk Phase exits, stage gates , or kill points are decision points at the end of each phase to evaluate performance or to correct problems or cancel the project Fast tracking is the overlapping of phases to reduce the project’s schedule Can be risky! 33
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Generic Project Life Cycle Marchewka Figure 1.4 34
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The Relationship Between the PLC & SDLC 35
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Idea for your Project We have a limited number of projects so it maybe up to you to find your own There must be a purpose to the project the justification or goal It must be big enough for a group over two semesters
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So what should the proposal include? 37 Basically answers these questions: What are we going to do and why? How are we going to do it? Who is going to be involved? How long will it take and how much will it cost? What can go wrong and what can we do about it? How did we estimate the schedule and budget? Why did we make certain decisions? How will we know if we are successful? Define tasks, deliverables, resources, time for each task for each phase of the project.
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Project Proposal Outline Cover letter Executive Summary Project Background and Justification Project Background Project Objectives Alternatives Project Scope Project Plan (WBS) and Deliverables: Project Schedule System Development Methodology Acceptance (Key Success Factors) Assumptions, Constraints and Risks Terminology
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What’s First? Get to know your clients…contact them company background company mission project problem, goals and constraints character of the client Get to know your project team…today names and addresses meeting times team rules (charter) team name, logo…
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