7 well first of all what is long distance second and

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▲7. Well, first of all, what is “long-distance”? Second, and more important, how is endurance measured? People do debate such issues, but the best way to begin a debate on this point would be by spelling out what you mean by “requires more endurance.” 8. We’d need to know what was classified as profanity (and “hard profanity”), and we’d need to know how it was measured in the monitoring program. 9. “Special interests” is commonly used as a dysphemism, as it is here. But otherwise there isn’t much slanting going on here. ▲10. This is like a comparison of apples and oranges. How can the popularity of a movie be compared with the popularity of a song? Exercise 5-24 ▲1. The price-earnings ratio is a traditional (and reasonable) measure of a stock, and the figure is precise enough. Whether this is good enough reason to worry about the stock market is another matter; such a conclusion may not be supported by the price-earnings figure. 2. One hears this a lot in conversations among faculty. But some idea of how motivation is measured is required in order to make much sense of the claim. 3. Religious . . . measured how? By church attendance? By voting for religious candidates? More religious quantitatively or qualitatively—and either of these terms would have to be spelled out. ▲4. “Attend church regularly” is a bit vague; a person who goes to church each and every Christmas and Easter is a regular, although infrequent, attender. We don’t find “majority” too vague in this usage. 5. This seems reasonable enough to us. It isn’t difficult to learn what “high-fiber” means. 6. “Knowledgeable” has to be made clear—about what? In general? With regard to the specific job? Is it a difference Annett could make up in a hurry? IM – 5 | 7
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▲7. “Contained more insights” is much too vague. The student needs to know more specifically what was the matter with his or her paper, or at least what was better about the roommate’s paper. 8. You’d get controversy on this one. There are wildly different kinds of demands made by the two games, because they are played in wildly different ways—banging a ball is about all they have in common. In tennis you have to respond to an opponent’s shot, and one’s relation with an opponent is entirely different in golf. In tennis, nothing exists that corresponds to a putt in golf. 9. “Value for your dollar” is hopelessly vague. ▲10. These two sorts of things are much too different to be compared in this way. If you’re starving, the chicken looks better; if you need to get from here to there, it’s the Volkswagen. (This is the kind of question Moore likes to ask people. Nobody can figure out why.) IM – 5 | 8
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7 Well first of all what is long distance Second and more...

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