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companies Security Threats from nonstate actors -terrorism -piracy (stealing weapons plans (china), territorial waters threats; US deploys
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Navy to prevent piracy-less than 2 dozen ships usually deployed at any time for general security, but spends 13-15 billion annually on this) -drug rings dipolomacy decertification-process we go through based on whether a country is working toward decreasing drug trade-they can lose eligibility for economic trade programs (economic sanctions program)-some see as progressive, some see as American arrogance military-providing assistance (Columbia, peru, Afghanistan, etc) -global crime syndicates Obama as leader-2 important variables: -Prior Experience -Political/Psychological Belief System Multilateral view but recognition of America’s central role Prudent use of Power Principles and Prosperity What does this look like? ^ Pragmatic Worldview (shared destiny, power not a zero-sum game, no balance of power, no elevated one nation, no sense in traditional divisions between north and south nations, no sense in “alignments of nations rooted in the cleavages of a long-gone cold war”): come into conflict with several issues/goals -Israel-Palestine -Afghanistan-Pakistan -Iran -Finishing Iraq Nuclear Posture Review: April 2010 Post Cold War Assessment: With the advent of US conventional military preeminence and continued improvements in US missile defenses and capabilities to counter and mitigate the effects of CBW, the role of the US nuclear weapons in deterring non-nuclear attacks—conventional, biological, or chemical—has declined significantly How will US sustain safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent for us and our
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