1 feet count parking and security 2 zoning ordinances

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1 feet count; parking and security 2 zoning ordinances; security and parking 3 zoning ordinances; feet count and attitude of centre management 4 location within the centre; maintenance and zoning restrictions
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MNE 202-V MAY/JUNE 2009 10 27 John should use the fundamentals of management to start and run his business effectively. These fundamentals include ______ 1 human resource management, planning and products and services management. 2 leading, control and decision making. 3 physical resources management, leadership and control. 4 planning, organising, leading and control . 28 At which stage of the intrapreneurial process does the intrapreneur conceive a business vision and turn it into a business reality? 1 choosing an idea 2 planning the business 3 identifying sponsors 4 generating ideas 29 Which of the following statements about intrapreneurship is incorrect? 1 Intrapreneurial efforts must be directed towards the aims, purpose, values and strategies of the business. 2 All stages of the intrapreneurial process must be managed and linked effectively. 3 Intrapreneurial plans are often understood and should be revealed to people who don’t need to see them. 4 Intrapreneurs, sponsors and team members all need to play their parts at the right time and in the right combination. 30 Mary has a hairdressing salon at the nearby shopping complex. She approaches you for advice on how she can improve the profit of her business. Which of the following are effective ways of improving profit? a Increase the selling price. b Decrease the sales volume. c Decrease fixed costs. d Increase the cost price. 1 a b 2 a c 3 b c 4 c d
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