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That isnt a bad thing its just that they would all

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work ethics. That isn’t a bad thing it’s just that they would all have to adjust to a common or agreeable work format. People in the same social identity group usually have some sense or idea on how their own people work and that can make the process of creating ground rules for those groups so much easier. But no matter whom you work with or what you do allies are always important to help you succeed in life. You can’t do everything by yourself. If you are alone you have so much more opposition and have to take on all the extra pressures and weight of doing it
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all. But if you follow Piercy’s ideas in The low road each additional person you have you can accomplish more. “With two people you can cut through a mob and keep each other sane, with three you are a delegation, and so on until you are 10 million strong which is a country (Piercy 1980).” So like I previously stated with more people you can do more things. Until you are four strong and you can complete an intergroup dialogue project. References Judit (1987). Alliances. In J. Ramos (Ed.), Compañeras: Latina Lesbians (p. 245). NY: Latina Lesbian History Project. Piercy, M. (1980). The low road. In The moon is always female (pp. 44-45). NY: Knopf.
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