Would you like Ex Would you like some coffee 3 How Much Many Ex How many pens

Would you like ex would you like some coffee 3 how

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2. Would you like...? Ex: Would you like some coffee? 3. (How) Much / Many Ex: How many pens are there? 4. Check vocabulary Ex: What is this? - This is a dress. However, in this chapter, I would like to introduce a game named “ up and down “ .When receiving a flashcard, each student needs to think how to make a question (how many, how much) and prepare an answer on their own (use some/ any/ lots of), of Couse after decide whether it is courted or uncounted. Pictures of flashcards : see appendix 3 for more information
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Studenet’s full name : Nguyen Phuong Dung Student ID No : 14131061 Supervisor : Phan Thi Bich Ngoc, M.A. Page 36 V. Classroom procedure My teaching aid is implemented to help students recognize and use countable and uncountable nouns. In the other hand, the visual aids combined with new lessons support students to understand clearly and more completely the usage of countable and countable nouns which associated with some expression of qualifier. Moreover, this also requires students to think carefully about the lesson and remember right away in the class following the most interesting way. These flashcards were made by hard paper and protected by plastic so as to ensure the duration for them. To sum up, my visual aids are used to help to illustrate a lesson's topic, get the students use the grammar content, keep language learning interesting and improve student response rates. With the aims of practicing to the lesson, my teaching aid is used to support for the free-practice stage following this part of lesson plan: Stage Activities Content Teacher (T) Students (Ss) Free-practice (10 minutes ) - Summarize the focus of the lesson. (2 minutes) -Invites Ss to play a game. -Divides the class into 2 groups. -Gives each group a set of flashcards after shuffle it, then each students in the group own a flashcard. - Listen to T carefully. -Accept to play a game. -pay attentiion too T. -Hold a flashcard by themselves. - Game “ Up and Down” -Flashcards : 1. Bag 2. Jewellery 3. Box of chocolates 4. Luggage 5. Chocolate 6. Money 7. Coffee 8. Music 9. Customer
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