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4 the cherokee resistance and the trail of tears

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4. The Cherokee Resistance and the “Trail of Tears”: intent was to move them from Georgia to Oklahoma. Agricultural. Move them to an area more inhospitable. Civilized. -- Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831) took the federal government to court. They actually managed their case all the way up to Supreme Court. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Cherokee, they can’t be removed. Jackson, “John Marshall has made his decision let him to enforce it.” –Dick. The move involved 16,000; 4000 died along the trip. “Trail of Tears” One of the great atrocities against Indians. Purely Unconstitutional. Greatest crimes of the Federal Government have committed. Checks and Balances fail. III. Slavery (“The Peculiar Institution”)
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Louisiana Purchase brought up slavery big time, which states in nonslavery and slavery states. Northerners could be less apt to slavery because it didn’t have much need to slavery A. Lemuel Haynes’ Liberty Further Extended : Delivered it as a sermon. Black father, white mother. He served as a soldier in the army before being a preacher. Direct response to the Declaration of Independence. Not all blacks are slaves. Cry for end of slavery. First paragraph describes liberty through enlightenment, second paragraph is a definition of liberty though God. Both enlightenment and Gospel in abolitionist writing. B. The Missouri Compromise (1820): The admission of a slave state will be matched by a free state. Missouri slave, Maine is Free. Really sets the division between north and south. C. Nat Turner’s Rebellion (1831):
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4 The Cherokee Resistance and the Trail of Tears intent was...

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