Ii what pressure would the sensor from c measure at

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(ii) What pressure would the sensor from (c) measure at that same point on the airfoil surface? Assume that the local velocity is the same as found in (c). (Ans. 101,200 Pa(a), 177.4 km/hr, 101.2 m/s, 54,940 Pa(a), 51,170 Pa(a)) 4.2 The bellmouth inlet shown in the drawing is used to measure the flow rate into an air compressor. If the flow rate is 12,000 cfm (ft 3 /min), what reading h will the U-tube give in inches of water? Assume incompressible flow. (Ans. 4.59 in.)
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4.2 4.3 Calculate the flow rate in m 3 /s for the unknown liquid in the pipeline shown. The two vertical tubes are open to the atmosphere. Assume uniform flow and neglect friction. (Ans. 0.139 m 3 /s) 4.4 An L-shaped glass tube is lowered into a flowing liquid stream, as shown in the drawing. The liquid is observed to rise 2 cm in the tube above the free surface of the liquid. What is the velocity of the stream at the depth where the mouth of the tube is located? (Ans. 0.63 m/s) 4.5 The drawing shows a section through a sluice gate which is used to control the flow of water in a channel. The channel has a rectangular cross section with a width of 10 m in the horizontal direction. The gate spans the full width of the channel. For the conditions shown, what is the volume flow rate of water in m 3 /s through the gate? Assume uniform velocity well upstream and downstream of the gate and neglect friction. (Ans. 554 m 3 /s)
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