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Some students use ritalin so they can consume more

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Some students use Ritalin so they can consume more alcohol or mix it with other drugs to prolong partying. Although some students take Ritalin tablets whole, others pursue stronger stimulation by crushing tablets and snorting them. Still others grind the tablets, mix them with water, “cook” them, and inject the mix intravenously. Is ADHD Overdiagnosed? Is ADHD Overdiagnosed? Sales of Ritalin (used in 80-90% of ADHD cases) have increased 700% since 1991. Ritalin’s manufacturer has contributed nearly $1 million to ADHD support groups since 1991. Americans consume 90% of all the Ritalin in the world; more than 1 out of every 30 Americans between 5 and 19 years old has a prescription for Ritalin. On average, 10% of students in U.S. are on Ritalin, and in some states (Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, Michigan, Delaware) rates are 15-20%; California and Hawaii are lowest at ~3-5%. Yet several studies suggest that ADHD is not overused. Nonprescribed Ritalin abused by 7% of high-schoolers, and 5% of college students, who typically “share” their prescribe meds with others at $5-6 per pill. Students say it helps them concentrate and stay up late studying. Some relationship between ADHD diagnosis and climate. Unproven ADHD Treatments Unproven ADHD Treatments
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EEG Biofeedback – eh Elimination diets (sugar, food dyes and additives) – eh Nutritional supplements Miracle stories where one of these worked for them, but are not scientific average person. None of these work for the average person. Adult ADHD Adult ADHD Prevalence is about 4 % of the U.S. adult population. Up to 70% of ADHD children retain some symptoms through adulthood, and ~20% retain the full disorder. By adulthood, the Male : Female ratio in ADHD approaches 1:1, possible due to a combination of: Maturation of the Hyperactive males. Increasing diagnosis of Inattentive ADHD females. Frequent Manifestations of Adult ADHD Frequent Manifestations of Adult ADHD Seeks noisy, busy places in order to get work done Frequent changing of TV/radio stations; listening to only parts of songs Difficulty waiting in lines Tuning out in conversation and at intimate moments Blurting, inability to withhold unwelcome remarks Preference for highly stimulating situations Often: Intuitiveness – Novel “out-of-the-box” approaches to problems B/c always taking a break, comes at it at diff angles. May be insufficiently appreciated for a nonlinear way of seeing things. IS ADHD a Gift? Probable ADHD’ers Include: IS ADHD a Gift? Probable ADHD’ers Include: Ansel Adams Ludwig van Beethoven Agatha Christie
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Winston Churchill Albert Einstein Benjamin Franklin John F. Kennedy End End
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Some students use Ritalin so they can consume more alcohol...

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