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Learn about all the different vulnerabilities and

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learn about all the different vulnerabilities and attack strategies that are used by the black hat (criminal) hackers, that way they can prevent attacks. The team will need to constantly be researching and also be the vocal point for security within the company. They need to communicate with other employees of safe practices and safe work places. The disaster-recovery process will be a well prepared for and efficient way to handle things when the system is infiltrated. There will be many parts to this plan, however there needs to be an order or operations. Firsts things first, identifying the problem or issue, this is key. Communicating with your incident-response team so everyone is on the same page is the next step. Containing the damage is the next part; the main goal of this whole operation is to minimize the threat. After you gather all facts and possible loss of information then the team will need to document everything and update the incident. This way, the system can be changed and protected
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to prevent the disaster from happening again (example: not locking your car and things getting stolen; solution, lock the car to protect your belongings). I feel with the correct team and disaster recovery process. The company will be able to run their business safely and efficiently. If disaster does happen, the company will be more prepared this time around.
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