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Journal of civil engineering and management xiii 3

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Journal of Civil Engineering and Management , XIII (3), 169-176 Building and Construction Sector Productivity Taskforce (BCSPT) (2009) „A modern efficient and productive New Zealand built infrastructure industry‟. Report of the Building and Construction Sector Productivity Taskforce, Department of Building and Housing, Wellington, New Zealand Burati, J.L., Farrington, J.J. and Ledbetter W.B. (1992) „Causes of quality deviati ons in design and construction‟, ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management , 118 (1), 34-49 Carlos, C. and Paul, D. (2010) „Effortless productivity tracking‟ , White Paper #21, Breakthrough Strategy Committee, London, UK, Accessed 08 February 2011 from: Chang, C. and Ive, G. (2002) Rethinking the multi-attribute utility approach based procure ment route selection technique‟, Construction Management & Economics , 20 (3), 275-284 Clayton, C.R.I. (2001) Managing Geotechnical Risk: Improving Productivity in UK Building and Construction, 1 st edition, Thomas Telford, London Construction Strategy Group (CSG) (2010) Why is this Industry Important to New Zealand and New Zealanders?, Accessed 10 March from Cooper, D.R. and Schindler, P.S. (2006) Business Research Methods, 9 th Edition , McGraw- Hill/Irwin, New York Cooper, K.G. (1993) „The rework cycle: benchmarking for the project manager‟. Project Management Journal , 24 (1), 17-22 Davis, N. (2008) „Building and Construction Sector‟, Summary Report , Accessed 08 December 2010 from: ity%20Report%20for%20Forum.doc Department of Building and Housing (DBH) (2009) Report of the Building and Construction Sector Productivity Taskforce , Accessed 20 October 2010 from: - Report.pdf Department of Building and Housing (DBH) (2008) Briefing for the Minister of Housing. Wellington: Department of Housing , (November), Accessed 10 March 2010 from - nov08.pdf Duncan, J.R. (2002) „Innovation in the building sector: Trends and new technologies‟, Conference paper No. 95, IPENZ Convention , Wellington, 25 March, 1-9
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