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Psy 103-Dementia

I started st john's school when i was in the fifth

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Unformatted text preview: I started St. John's school when I was in the fifth grade. On September 1, 1925 following graduation, I entered as junior. I reentered on August 29th, 1927. On account of ill health I was a novice for two years." ( B ) "During my junior year I again thought of entering. My father himself gave me the opportunity to express this desire, when he asked me what I intended to make of myself. I told him, 'a Notre Dame.' To my surprise, he said, 'If it's your vocation go to it.' I went to it, with God's grace, and find myself, this very day, happily preparing to take Holy Vows-preparing to be 'a Notre Dame.'" Treatments for DAT Treatments for DAT Structured, labeled environment, “assisted living” > dementia facility Acetylcholine boosters (delay progression of illness) – Cognex – Aricept – Exelon – Namenda Estrogen (women only) NSAIDS ( Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve ) Folate (B-vitamin) supplements (implicated in Nun Study) Possibly: – Ginkgo Biloba extract – Vitamin E Future prevention methods: Amyloid blockers, nicotine Vaccine to prevent excess amyloid accumulation in next 3-5 yr? End End...
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