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Hn Chem Nomenclature test review - key

A rubidium perbromate b rubidium bromate c rubidium

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A) rubidium perbromate B) rubidium bromate C) rubidium hypobromate D) rubidium perbromite E) rubidium bromide Answer:  A 36) The correct name for the N 3-  ion is the: A) nitrate ion B) nitride ion C) nitrite ion D) nitric ion Answer:  B 37) When naming an ion of a transition metal that has more than one common ionic charge,the numerical  value of the charge is indicated by a: A) prefix B) suffix C) roman numeral D) subscript after the name Answer:  C 38) Which element when combined with chlorine would most likely form an ionic compound? A) lithium B) carbon C) phosphorous D) bromine Answer:  A 39) The Ion Fe 3+  forms when: A) an atom of iron loses two electrons B) an atom of zinc loses two electrons C) an atom of iron loses three electrons D) an atom of iron gains three electrons
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Answer:  C 40)The metals in groups 1,2, and 3: A) gain electrons when they form ions B) form ions with a charge found by subtracting the group number from 8 C) all for ions with a 1+ charge D) lose electrons when they form ions Answer:  D 41) The charged formed from the sulfide ions is: A) 2- B) 2+ C) 1- D) 1+ Answer:  A 42) The charged formed on hydrogen when it combines with metals: A) 2- B) 2+ C) 1- D) 1+ Answer:  C 43) The correct formula for molybdenum(IV) hypochlorite is __________. A) Mo(ClO 3 ) 4 B) Mo(ClO) 4 C) Mo(ClO 2 ) 4 D) Mo(ClO 4 ) 4 E) MoCl 4 Answer: B 44) The formula of ammonium carbonate is __________. A) (NH 4 ) 2 CO 3 B) N H 4 CO 2 C) (NH 3 ) 2 CO 4 D) (NH 3 ) 2 CO 3 E) N 2 (CO 3 ) 3 Answer: A
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45) The formula for aluminum hydroxide is __________. A) AlOH B) Al 3 OH C) Al 2 (OH) 3 D) Al(OH) 3 E) Al 2 O 3 Answer: D For each pair of ions listed, write the correct ionic formula by combining the two ions (Hint: Don’t forget to use the criss-cross method.) Ions Formula 7. Calcium and Hydride CaH 2 8. Sodium and Sulfate Na 2 SO 4 9. Iron(III) and Oxide Fe 2 O 3 10. Vandium(II) and Nitrite V(NO 2 ) 2 11. Aluminum and Carbonate Al 2 (CO 3 ) 3
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A rubidium perbromate B rubidium bromate C rubidium...

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