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Fact asthma a bronchial condition is much less common

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Fact: Asthma, a bronchial condition, is much less common ailment than hay fever, an allergic inflammation of the nasal passages. Fact: Over 95 percent of people who have asthma also suffer from hay fever. If the information given as facts above is true, which of the following must also be true? A. Hay fever is a prerequisite for the development of asthma. B. Asthma is a prerequisite for the development of hay fever. C. Those who have neither hay fever nor asthma comprise less than 5 percent of the total population. D. The number of people who have both of these ailments is greater than the number of people who have only one of them. E. The percentage of people suffering from hay fever who also have asthma is lower than 95 percent. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q14: The Eurasian ruffe, a fish species inadvertently introduced into North America’s Great Lakes in recent years, feeds on the eggs of lake whitefish, a native species, thus threatening the lakes’ natural ecosystem. To help track the ruffe’s spread, government agencies have produced wallet-sized cards about the ruffe. The cards contain pictures of the ruffe and explain the danger they pose; the cards also request anglers to report any ruffe they catch. Which of the following, if true, would provide most support for the prediction that the agencies’ action will have its intended effect? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q15: Dressed as a man and using the name Robert Shurtleff, Deborah Sampson, the first woman to draw a soldier’s pension, joined the Continental Army in 1782 at the age of 22, was injured three times, and was discharged in 1783 because she had become too ill to 8
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serve. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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