State like french revolution rapid industrialization

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state (like French revolution); rapid industrialization caused problems (short-term) Capital was full of soldiers; Tsar was in fear of safety & new that peasants were inclined to revolt; Tsar doesn’t assume soldiers would want to revolt; organized strikes to protest workers’ strikes and bread line riots ; not really a gov’t response; until Feb 26 th , Bloody Sunday soldiers can fire at rioting crowds;
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11/30/12 roles reversed when soldiers started joining in; workers raided for weapons; the disintegration of loyal groups; gov’t collapsed Unorganized & unexpected experience; Tsar abdicates; there are different parties Lots of revolutionary groups: bolsheviks, mensheviks, cadets, social democrats; two groups emerge to form a provisional gov’t So many political parties in Russia; couldn’t decide on constitution or even maintaining peace Vladimir Lenin : was exiled for his views; he took control of the Bolsheviks party; was a Marxist; abolition of private property; equal pay; means of production in common
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state like French revolution rapid industrialization caused...

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