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IMPORTANT When the TurnItIn Similarity Index (SI) value exceeds 20% percentage your submission will be flagged for review. Upon thorough review, if the designated marker establishes that actual plagiarism has occurred then the following table details plausible penalties. Note: penalties will not be applied if the SI value is high due to common word matches from the template or the bibliography. You donot need to edit your submission if this is the case. Delete all instructional content from the template used before submission of your final draft in the required dropbox to avoid common word matches. Value of Similarity IndexDeduction 0 to 20%No deduction 21 to 30%15% of scored mark deducted from total 31 to 40%30% of scored mark deducted from total Above 40% Assignment will be returned unmarked andstudent gets a grade of zero for the assignment. 7.There are two deadlines for this assignment since there are two files to be submitted to the sameAssignment 2 (Feedback and Final Submission) Dropboxlocated on the UU100 Course Assignments” page on Moodle: Studiosity writing feedback file due: Sunday, the 15th of October, 2017 - 11:55 PM Fiji Standard Time (FJT). Final (improved) version of your solution file due: Tuesday, the 17th of October, 2017 - 11:55 PM Fiji Standard Time (FJT).
Assignment 2Semester II, 201703 UU100: Communication & Information LiteracyP a g e| 5Also be sure that you uploadyour assignment only when you’re totally satisfied.We will not accept “corrected versions” submitted through other channels,nor will late assignments be accepted. This assignment should not be exported to Mahara or displayed on your ePortfolio Page as it is a separate assessment component altogether. Plagiarism Any kind of plagiarism or cheating like submission of work that is not your own will lead to a ZERO (0) score AND you will be subject to disciplinary action. Discussing is permitted however you must avoid giving your working copy or the final assignment file to anyone. This increases the risk of your assignment being cited as a plagiarized work.The university now keeps record of students who commit dishonest academic practice in a central database in the effort to crack down on repeat offenders through stringent penaltiesand also to make transparent students’ credibility. For this course, plagiarism detection software TurnItIn will be actively used to identify similar assignments. All detected and confirmed plagiarized assignments will receive a mark ofZEROand will be referred to the disciplinary committee. Note:If you need clarifications while doing this assignment, you may post a message on the Assignment 2 Help! Forumlocated on the Course Page. Students are advised to read through the thread of queries made by other students before posting their own to avoid repeating questions that have already been addressed. Click on the Assignments Icon on the UU100 Course Page to take you to the Assignments page which houses the specifications document and the dropbox for the assignment. All the very best!
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