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Cyberspace and Society Lecture Notes 7

Can be used by maintain customer lists for mass

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Can be used by Maintain customer lists for mass mailings Keep information about guests and vendors for parties and events Catalog assets for insurance records Manage time and track billable hours Catalog personnel records What makes up a database? o Parts of the database Table contains records Record is a row in a table that contains information about a given person, product, object, or event A field is a column in a table that contains a specific category of data within a record Graphics and multimedia software o What are some proper graphics and multimedia software categories? CAD Desktop publishing Image/photo editing Audio/visual editing Multimedia authoring Web page authoring
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o CAD: software that allows you to create engineering, architectural, and scientific designs o Desktop publishing software: enables you to design and produce sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and many colors o Photo/image editing: used to create and modify graphical images o Video/audio editing: allows you to modify a segment of a video called a clip; also allows you to modify audio clips o Multimedia authoring: allows you to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into an interactive application o Web page authoring software: allows users of all skill levels to create web pages Some business software programs include web page author programs
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