CORRECT TEXT The SAS data set WORKTEMPDATA contains the variables FMTNAME START

Correct text the sas data set worktempdata contains

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Question: 12 CORRECT TEXT The SAS data set WORK.TEMPDATA contains the variables FMTNAME, START and The following SAS program is submitted: Proc format cntlin=wor.tempdata; Run; What is the result of submitting the FORMAT procedure step? Answer: It uses the WORK.TEMPDATA SAS data set as input to create the format Answer: All formats created will be stored in two WORK.TEMPDATA SAS data set Answer: An ERROR message is written to the SAS log because the program is incomplete Answer: NO formats are created in this step Answer: A Question: 13 The following SAS program is submitted: date view=sauser.ranch; describe; run; What is the result? Question: 14 Which SAS procedure changes the name of a permanent format for a variable stored in a SAS data set? Question: 15 Given the SAS data set ONE: ONE DIVISION SALES A 1234 A 3654 B 5678 The following SAS program is submitted: Data_null_; Set one; By divition; If first.division then
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Certification Preparation Material Page | 7 Do; %let mfirst=sales; end; run; What is the value of the macro variable MFRIST when the program finishes execution?
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