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4 c an automobile offers a 50000 rebate d tupperware

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4c.An automobile offers a $500.00 rebate.d.Tupperware has more than 200,000 independent contractor dealers who market itsentire product line.e.A major bottler offers a 10-cent refund on returnable bottles.8.You are in charge of the marketing program for a consumer electronics company. Youhave been asked to think about developing a plan that will allow the firm to grow salesby at least 10 percent each year for the next five years. Prior to developing these plans,you should consider which of the following forces in your planning process?a.Economic environmentb.Technological environmentc.Competitive environmentd.Social environmente.All of the answers are correct.
9.Alternative products that can satisfy a specific market's needs are called:
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10.__________ is the type of competition that occurs when a few companies control amarket.
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Section C:Essay / Paragraph Style(5 marks each)Address each of the next four (4) questions using a “short answer/paragraph style” format;BOLD your answer.
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