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The son is god participating in god itself a kind of

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The Son is ‘god’, participating in God itself, a kind of subordinate deity. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all God itself, and one in the end? Origen’s theologies were condemned by late 4 th – 7 th centuries Jerome may have preserved the best Latin translation of Origen. The Rufinus Greek version may be more accurate, but Jerome’s version is more faithful to the original text. Discussion 1. Why does Origen think the universe is populated with different “powers”—both good and evil? How did the devil come to be?
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Levels of sin, and levels of status? The devil sinned so greatly that he became the devil, and his “angels” or “demons” sinned much as well. Angels did not sin as much and therefore were able to keep their place close to God. God has no sin, and has the ultimate power or status. i. Everyone starts out at the same “power”, and then the level of sinning that one does dictates their level of punishment and the form that one will take. ii. In the beginning of time, before anything existed, there is a falling away from God. Everyone was in a state of “pure mind” holding in contemplation to God. Everyone is a soul. Everyone then falls away from God to some degree and some more so than others, except for the soul of Jesus.
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