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Chapter 15-18 Final Exam Study Guide

How a salesperson interacts w other company personnel

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How a salesperson interacts w/ other company personnel The customers to be called on The specific activities to be carried out The physical and mental demands of the job The types of products and services to be sold Then converted into statement of job qualifications, often including: Imagination and problem solving ability Strong work ethic Honesty Intimate product knowledge Effective communication and listening skills Attentiveness Personal interviews, reference checks, background info also acquired o Salesforce Training Ongoing process that affects both new and seasoned salespeople CHAPTER 18 : Creating Customer Marketplace – here buyers and sellers engage in face-to-face exchange relationships in a material environment characterized by physical facilities (stores and offices) and mostly tangible objects Marketspace – an internet- enabled digital environment characterized by face-to-screen exchange relationships and electronic images and offerings Marketers must treat customers as individuals and empower them to: o Influence the timing and extent of the buyer-seller interaction o Have a say in the kind of products/services they buy, the info they receive, and in some cases, the prices they pay Interactive Marketing : Two-way buyer-seller electronic communication in a computer-mediated environment in which the buyer controls the kind and amount of info received from the seller o Characterized by:
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o Choiceboard: An interactive, Internet-enabled system that allows individual customers to design their own products and services by answering questions and choosing from a menu of product/service attribute, prices, and delivery options Helps a company become more knowledgeable about a customer and better able to anticipate/fulfill that customer’s needs Collaborative Filtering : A process that automatically groups people w/ similar buying intentions, preferences, and behaviors, and predicts future purchases o Allows marketers to make dead-on sales recommendations o Personalization: The consumer-initiated practice of generating content on a marketer’s Web site that is custom tailored to an individual’s specific needs and preferences o Permission Marketing : Asking for a consumer’s consent (called opt-in) to receive email and advertising based on personal data supplied by the customer Must adhere to 3 rules: Opt-in customers only receive info that is relevant and meaningful Given opt-out option Name and buyer profile data will not be sold or shared with others Creating an Online Customer Experience o Customer Experience: The sum total of the interactions that a customer has w/ a company’s website, from the initial look at the homepage through the entire purchase decision process o Produced through: Context: A website’s aesthetic appeal and functional look and feel reflected in site layout and visual design Content: Conveys the core consumer benefit provided by the company’s offerings. Applies to all digital info on a Web site, including the
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