Unit 15 light colours and beyond content topics key

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Unit 15 - Light, Colours and Beyond Content Topics Key points Core Extension Suggested activities 15.1 How we see an object Light rays Luminous objects Non-luminous objects Light travels in a straight line Representing light rays by straight lines and arrows Non-luminous objects are seen because light reflected from them enters our eyes S. Observe the path of a light beam as it passes through starch solution (OB) 15.2 Reflection at plane surfaces Law of reflection Angle of incidence Angle of reflection Normal Law of reflection - angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence Plane mirror images z lateral inversion z same size as object Using plane mirrors to extend our field of view S. Ray box experiment to find the relationship between the incident angle and the reflected angle (HP, MS) S. Design a device to help z a dentist see the back of your teeth z a child to see over a tall fence [IN] More applications of the use of reflection, e.g. to increase the spatial feel of a room S. Visit a lighting store to find out how reflection is put to use in different lighting systems Design a lighting system for a room S. Design a lighting system for a restaurant with due consideration for the preferences of the target customers [IN]
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