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Eng 393 Informal Report

Because of this people who arent following the

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rarely are seen past the Administration Building. Because of this, people who aren’t following the smoking policy usually get away with their acts. According to the Smoking Policy, the responsibility of the University Police is to “enforce policy by issuing warnings, disciplinary referrals or citations in accordance with nuisance policies” (“UMBC Smoking Policy”). To enforce the policies already in place, the University Police could make more of an effort to walk around campus to make sure that people are following the rules. This solution is convenient because UMBC won’t have any costs. The University Police would just take more time to walk around the campus and observe the activities of those on campus, which could be a little inconvenient for them. I believe this solution could be very effective because if people understand that the University Police are watching them, they may decide to follow the smoking policy. Part II of Enforcing the Policy. Smokers on the campus of UMBC have voiced their opinions about why they smoke in non-designated areas on our myUMBC discussion board. Student Devang Thaker says, “The main reason people often choose to walk to class smoking is due to the lack of private areas designated to smoking around campus. Nearly all of the areas are open and exposed to rain, sleet, snow…” (UMBC SGA). While enforcing the smoking policies, UMBC could make the designated smoking areas user-
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friendlier to be fair to the smokers. Making the smoking areas enclosed, or at least providing some sort of covering so that smokers can be protected from precipitation would most likely give smokers a bigger incentive to smoke in the designated areas. The fact that the school would have to build something in response to this solution makes it inconvenient and costly depending on the amount of designated smoking areas the school makes. But I believe the effectiveness of this solution would outweigh the inconvenience and the costs. Smokers would be enticed to use the newly built designated smoking areas and therefore would do less smoking while walking or in non-designated areas. Create a Smoke-Free Policy –
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Because of this people who arent following the smoking...

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