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ATMS 101 - Notes - Lecture #33 - Thunderstorms

Ll!41[l cc(i 4\d€rufo,r"" jffi,l t*uv

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Unformatted text preview: Ll ) ,!41[L Cc(i 4'..{\d€rufo,r"" Jffi,l? t*uv{ tl4car L -A qxed ar d,u<r{.ra c-rt*f. elcus#it'vt-1yptt<(ttl: .ln^,ctt hq',l , lryktcn p , hnouy re.n , s.<k- tu*+dou., bncf, lt"u,tc) c{"*r,g.ro*- h t*,"g.s (uulnut5, w1r4-{,4'et di Oo,6:,#i5 5- ltaV- l*c- {xgd*"- fur*","r[ub" \t4. !fo*19t &adqt5'.d''1bv roteqao ,n Je*e b"{ t-aptel ,t{es% 14#'14 h"aLL+ = a.clcl [email protected] €rYOy 6 €nu{\ ( pAw,t c/o..-.) oS cio.xl rqlled l.r:-{ dr<rrrf* **--*f6w4",*| +ar duet{aAt b.JJcr.J{ol.r\}--Ds16;*rtr3 ,ftU3U o '- 3o ,'v,.,-., rtSfg-- v"."tttNu'tt'tSt t d-.r-rrrrdrolt fo'r'.r'ruttu / 4\l.ut^+ie't "pttmf| 'l,id fre rlf I c{*r.rcl 1:rcerpd,rfc.l 4 $rE{}tc4tu;lce.rec r(e c,yd*rl t'tittt'tl bltia @ ll"t*tc.li -f*rurCqodd''n^1, " :w"trt()tL (cyu€e"frcn ceCl-l teurh @ eb ,{Tfi- b{d f*r . Jud dr"n^[ Yutp lrbl nr-{a $/rrqe n&:+ /{orur- WUfttrr*, t-.ft) lhpr =-lrl,{.1 g{*:.,J.to (o{.d c/o"$r)dnFl d*n4 S"fJtt*,te L^runn ailnl4- rgrtr,r*t: lfitrru€-- #ro.3 do."-,,'rdroFi' & ou€{:ifid,*J i.r& *rp.y*at 1 yrx,-i'y ltz<- , c{rnrJ d-.f { ye{ ,no fiTt-f*rrr','1y or *f'r"*4* do.rruf lg,rrl*'. fJf"..*S ,'-'l COt<-! 4\- [e/t*l-"{irz\*.d^t'{} C}f rr*, 4vtrrr,cle q}-'' C{sJct t Jurorr, denabttoL&r'0Ja o( .r'\ c(o"*l 'iltn(,"oJtup '- tts,*f .,tS d.o*^ordo.ht , fre*tf + Jccltrtr cotl/c{crue Ar- "f.r"..*t, c.\ o$ 4nutl .$npe @ -f,"P " t"tierrh{- llTd'e,'r,g * 4pu'.teru/oc-'.- 4to*,ndr*&t hrdl ;,;rd'...{, sflrrqclt r--i- Jfr-*11 {-r.J; + 'l fudil sizc \-/ i U ,fu-*tl i'N- *ih'nrJerafl"*'s r#.ry.dcvfon-vrtu /,.1 ktw Jr*,u**,*r., 'Ui\- ltt--$*v<L , a&c<,) od, utzt dror*--U"ry {*U, 1g d,*rh'*v, l"{*W J&rre wfv+rt*. +vq1 ttry u"tt,.rA...
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Ll!41[L Cc(i 4\d€rufo,r"" Jffi,l t*uv tl4car L-A...

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