Heat a small amount of water pd s fair tests to find

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heat a small amount of water (PD) S. Fair tests to find out which brand of snacks contains the greatest amount of energy [IN] 7.4 How do green plants obtain energy Photosynthesis Test for starch Conditions for photosynthesis Conversion of energy in sunlight to chemical energy in green plants Food chain Green plants make food through photosynthesis Starch and oxygen are products of photosynthesis Test for starch in green leaves Conditions for photosynthesis Destarching in photosynthesis experiments Investigating the various conditions required for photosynthesis S. Test for starch in green leaves (EA) S. Show that oxygen is produced during photosynthesis (CV) S. Investigate the necessary conditions for photosynthesis: carbon dioxide, light and chlorophyll [IN] Green plants take in energy from sun and are producers of food, animals
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