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B increasing the body potential with respect to the

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b: increasing the body potential with respect to the source of an nMOS transistor decreases the depletion region, causing the total depletion charge under the gate to be less negative. Since the positive gate charge must balance the total negative charge in the channel, the inversion layer charge increases (i.e. becomes more inverted), which in turn increases the current. Effectively, this means that VT decreases. c: DIBL effect causes VT to decrease d: decreases p-type substrate doping makes it easier to inverter the channel, so VT decreases. e: increasing the oxide thickness means that the gate has less control of the channel; or that more gate charge is required to achieve the same level of channel control or inversion. Therefore, this increases VT. Problem 5 Which of the following transistors, M A or M B , will exhibit a higher threshold voltage? Justify your answer. M A M B Mb will have higher threshold voltage because node x will be at a lower potential (closer to ground), which causes less DIBL effect.
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