Course grades there will be two 140 point midterm

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COURSE GRADES: There will be two 140-point midterm exams and a 260-point comprehensive final exam. Be prepared to show picture ID at all exams. Exams will be given only at the scheduled times. Make-up exams are not a possibility. Clicker Questions 60 points (10%) Midterm 1 140 points (23%) Midterm 2 140 points (23%) Final 260 points (44%) Total 600 points EMAIL POLICY: For chemistry or logistical questions, please create a post on the TritonEd discussion board (you may even find your question already answered). The discussion board will be monitored daily on class days by TAs and Dr. Boerneke. Please also feel free to answer other students questions. For emails, you must use your official UCSD email address for all coorespondance with the TAs or Dr. Boerneke, and please use a professional email formate (Subject: 140A question; Greeting: Dear Dr. Boerneke/TA; Body Message; Closing/Signature: Sincerely, Student first and last name A12345678. Please sign your emails with your name and student ID , and note that email is best for brief communication. Please always email a TA before emailing the course Dr. Boerneke . Also, please email only one TA at a time. When you copy in both TAs, you are wasting their limited time. Emails will be answered within 48 hours on weekdays and 72 hours on weekends . TECNOLOGY: Advances in technology have made information more accessible then ever, and has connected us like never before. In this class, technology can aid in learning (notes/textbook organized on laptop, tablet, or phone), but can also be a distraction to yourself and those around you. While technology is permitted in lectures, all activity on laptops, tablets, and phones must be related to the course and course material. No texting, emailing, or internet browsing is allowed during the lecture, except during designated breaks. HELPFUL TIPS: Nomenclature: You will be required to know the structure for a compound if given the name of the compound. You will not be required to give the name of a compound when given the structure; with the exception of nomenclature that is written on the board in class. You should work very hard at learning "electron pushing", which is the use of curved arrows to denote electron movement in chemical reactions. In general , you will not need to memorize tables of numbers (e.g. pKa values, bond strengths, barriers to rotations about bonds, melting points, boiling points, etc). When you look at tables of numbers, focus on the trends instead of memorizing numerical values. I will make it clear in class which numbers you should memorize.