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Experiment 4 report

When the iron bar was dropped through the copper pipe

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The bars did fall as expected. When the iron bar was dropped through the copper pipe, it came out to the other side right away while when the magnet was dropped, it took longer until it came out the other way. This relates to the laws of induction, particularly Lenz’s law, because while the magnet was falling through the copper pipe, it was conducting electric currents that was opposing the change that it induces therefore increasing the time it takes for the magnet to come out to the other end of the pipe. 2. (1 pt; Sect. 4) As before, move the same end of the magnet in and out of the solenoid, but this time do so more quickly. Does this change the sign and magnitude of the peak voltage? Justify this with plots and explain the difference using the theory of experiment. Moving the same end of the magnet in and out of the solenoid quickly did not change the sign of the peak voltage however it did change the magnitude. Since the magnet is moving faster, the magnitude of the peak voltage increased but it remained the same sign. Since the magnet is moving faster, this will create a greater electric current to oppose the greater change induced through the faster moving magnet. 3. (1 pt; Sect. 4) How does the response of the secondary solenoid differ for the two different signals in the primary solenoid? For the square wave what is the behavior of the secondary solenoid when the applied voltage is constant in the primary one? Show your results with plots and justify them by explaining the relationship between the two signals. Explicitly, how does the secondary voltage relate to the applied voltage in the primary? 4. (.5 pt; Sect. 6) How does the magnitude of the induced voltage compare to the previous observations made with the iron core represent; is the magnitude greater or smaller? Explain what characteristic of the iron core could cause such difference.
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