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PHRM 519 Healthcare Delivery Systems Syllabus 2012 (3)

Class is extended until 450 pm policy analysis

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CLASS IS EXTENDED UNTIL 4:50 PM Pizzi 14 (12/6) Policy Analysis Presentations, Session 2** CLASS IS EXTENDED UNTIL 4:50 PM (HERBUT AUDITORIUM) Pizzi * Guest lecturers are listed in Appendix A. ** Presentations will be divided in two separate sessions, with approximately 7 teams presenting during each session. All students are 3
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required to attend both sessions and attendance will be taken. 4
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J. Student Evaluation 1. Health Policy Team Debate (13 points): Most weeks, for the last half-hour of class, we will have a team-based point/counterpoint debate on an assigned health policy topic relevant to the material covered in the previous class. Two teams will orally present prepared opposing arguments based on scientific evidence available in the literature. Each team will present for seven minutes, followed by twelve minutes of question and answer, then two minutes per team for closing statements. At the end of class, the teams will hand in their typewritten argument, which should include references and should be no more than two pages in length, double-spaced, in 12 point font, exclusive of references. 2. Midterm Examination (30 points): There will be a Midterm Examination consisting of 40-50 multiple choice questions. The focus of the exams will be on the interpretation of concepts discussed in class, excluding debates. The instructors will conduct a review session one week before each exam, which students will be encouraged to attend. Students will earn a maximum of 30 course points on this exam. In addition to material covered in class, the Midterm examination will include questions about key stakeholder organizations which play a direct role in the administration, delivery, or financing of healthcare in the United States. During the first week of class, you will be provided with a list of stakeholders you should know for the Midterm and should prepare for the exam by reviewing these organizations’ websites as well as by reading an assigned chapter from McCarthy et al on US healthcare stakeholders (to be posted on the course Blackboard site). 3. Quiz (15 points) will consist of 15-20 questions in multiple choice or true/false format and will include topics covered after the midterm, excluding debates. 4. Policy Analysis Team Project (20 points): This assignment will foster students’ abilities to work in teams, and will cultivate oral and written communication skills. Each team will consist of 4-5 students. To complete this project, the students will need to conduct a policy analysis on a major issue relevant to pharmacy practice. To complete the policy analysis, each team will need to examine the assigned issue from the perspective of all relevant healthcare stakeholders, and present recommendations for addressing the issue. The requirements for the project are as follows:
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CLASS IS EXTENDED UNTIL 450 PM Policy Analysis Presentations

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