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And in 1986 when the black sorority alpha kappa about

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and in 1986, when the black sorority Alpha Kappa about as colorblind as anvone can be in this society. The truth is, membership in the black fraternities Alpha moved onto Sororiry Row. Even today, the tra- ^ His parents, '60s liberals, named him after a black- -° ditionaily white fraternities and sororities at this zctivlst friend of his father's By the age of 12 he was LAURENCE R. ST,sn-u wrott a5out the Unirerntr of . school do not include a single dark face - unless, of inviting black and white friends co break-dance in his Perveryi.ania and campar Teem ma<t :n RS 666 coutse, a tasreiess skit is in progress. bedroom while he DJ'd on a boombox that he'd 70 - ItOLL[NG SLONE, MARCH 24. Iy94 whea he was 4. Everett, his mom and his older brother of us. "Cheek that out," Everett says, directing my lived in a ttailer courr until he was I0. His aackschol- attention to the guy's backside- "Guys even go to dass arship covers his tuition and rent on a$240-per- CLON£S AND DLIOUES-A^I^Y_ I DADDY IIIIAKES THIS MUCII W SO I CAN BE IN T1{IS Fi4ATER^IITY,l" ^ http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/reb88a00/pdf
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f bought with his paperrroute money.In high sthool, he daced interraciall v. And having become an admirer of black pop culture, he began studying black history. When Everect got to college, he checked out the w'hite frats, but they were a Httle too sodal: 'I was never much on partying," he says. His friends on the crack team were Sigmas, be DJ'd for the Sigmas. so when it came time to attend a Sigma smoker in Sepcember 1990. His presence that night struck him and his friends as very naturaL If there were people who couidn'c understand it, he figured he didn't owe them aa explanation. To them, his respanse was and is, 'Make your own reasons why Ijolned" O N SUNDAY NtGFrr at an apazmtent iice milei off tampus, eight Sigmas are eating pizza and wardi- ing the BengaLc give rhe 99er5 a bard time on TV. On the wafl above the TV is a tcipcyrh of Ivfalcnhn X, G E 9 it a moment and asked, "Whar would your founders hands him a few extra CDs to pass out at the Boys have sard?' - and Girls Club across the river in Noahport, where Pat's the director. T HE POUNDERS would be amazed. Phi Beca At S p.m., Pat kicks off his show with stuff from Sigma was scatred by A. Langsron Taylor, Bjbck, Heaven 17, LaTour and RuPauL Pat, who grew Charles L Brown and Leonard F. Morse at up in Chicago, mixes seamlessly, but it takes all his con- t Howard University in 1914. Like the other black tra- cenaation, listening an earphones co the next groove up, termties and sororities, which arose abouc the same matchirtg the beaa No time for chitchat with Everett. nmc, Phi Bera Sigma was founded as a response to After an hour, Pat's ready to turn over The turnmbles_ ezciusion and disaiailnation. If Tayloc, Brown and "It's tough to fill twro hours myself," he says. "Bspecially Morse bad known that - in the 1990s - up to 15 per- going 126 beats per tninute. That's about 40 records," cent of their brotlterhood would turn our to be non- , given roughly two and half nilnutes between fadex black mea, they would no doubc have been astounded. Then Pat anaounees, °Mah man DJ Soul with his They probably could never have dreamed of a society tecltno-house mix." Everett slips into his role as DJ,
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